Meetings are where we take newcomers to introduce them to the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. We also share our experience, strength and hope that we have as the result of taking the 12 steps of the A.A. program. It’s a place where we can be of service to our fellows.

The Meeting Listings page is where you’ll find the times and places of meetings from all over Area 25 Kansas.  You may search by day of the week, time of day, location, and type of meeting. There is a map function which displays the location of of your search results on a Google map. If you have started a new meeting that isn’t listed here, please send us the details using the New Meeting Information Form.  It has places to fill in all the details of your new meeting.  We’ll get it posted so everyone can find out where and when.

The Mobile Meeting Apps are native apps you may install on your smartphone or tablet. They provide the same functionality however the results are more finely tuned to your current location. The apps are available for no charge and do not take up much storage on your device nor place much load on your data plan.

If you looking for a meeting but just not sure we have some phone numbers that might be near your area with some meeting information.  This could be anything from directions to a meeting or advice on where you might feel comfortable if you’re visiting from a different place.