Area 25 Contributions

This is where you can submit contributions to Alcoholics Anonymous at the Area level.  Our Seventh Tradition states that we will not accept any outside contributions so if you are not a member of A.A. please do not contribute, if you are a member, dig deep.

Please send Area 25 Kansas contributions to this address:

Kansas Area Assembly
PO Box 13087
Wichita, KS 67213


You may also submit your contributions online using the system below.

These items are for contributions to Area 25 Kansas. Here you can donate to the Area if you are an individual member, a group, or a district. This money is used to provide services to Area 25 such as this website, your annual conference, and carrying the informed group conscience to GSO.


If the Area 25 contribution module is down for maintenance,
please click here for our alternate contribution page.